Work areas and skills:

Concrete Developments

Electrical Systems

  • Lighting system distribution
  • Power system distribution
  • Electrical panels and boards
  • Primary and secondary distribution (HV-MV-LV)
  • Network infrastructures for electrical power supply in urban areas
Finance Assistance

Internal and external lighting

  • Interior lighting in residential, tertiary and industrial areas
  • Interior and exterior lighting of architectural and historical buildings
  • Lighting system in main roads, urban roads, parking and green areas
  • Buildings recovery and enhancement with outside and inside lighting systems
Interiorly Designed

Production, processing and distribution of electrical system

  • Hydroelectric systems
  • Photovoltaic systems
  • Wind systems
  • Biomass CHP systems
  • HV / MV transformation substations
  • Substation in MV and LV system
  • Distribution networks in MV and LV
  • Diesel Generators
Cost Effective Solutions

Systems Design

  • Lightning Protection Systems
  • Fire Detection Systems
  • Telecommunication Systems
  • Data Systems
  • LAN network and fiber optic cable systems
  • CCTV systems
  • CATV systems
  • PAGA systems
  • Building Management Systems (BMS)
Interiorly Designed

Working areas

Several decades of activity of the DRISALDI ASSOCIATI has allowed to acquire and consolidate our experience in every civil and industrial sector:

  • Hotels and residences
  • Directional buildings
  • Kindergartens, schools and universities
  • Garages and Parking
  • Retirements homes
  • Shopping and exhibition centres
  • Churches and places of worship
  • Management, technical and administrative buildings Serving energy production and gas extraction sites
  • Sport facilities: football and soccer, tennis courts, swimming pools, sports halls, etc.
  • Industrial buildings sectors: food, textiles, chemicals and plastics, mechanical, metal, graphic, etc.
  • Logistic Hub
  • Banks
  • Institutes of punishment and prisons
  • Premises of public entertainment: cinemas, theatres, dance halls, nightclubs, etc.
  • Museums and galleries
  • Health care facilities: hospitals, polyclinics, diagnostic laboratories, warehouses medicines, etc.
  • Navigation ports
  • Prestigious locations of several public and private institutes
  • Railway systems and stations
  • Undergrounds lines
  • Water lifting stations
  • Underground stations
  • Supermarkets

Other working areas and skills:

Systems design

Electrical systems design for public and private customers; from preliminary design to construction design following Specific Regulations. Included all the required documents, like technical specifications, technical reports, calculation reports, material lists and bill of quantities.

Lighting regulation plan

This activity allows public administrations to take a census of their public lighting systems and plan the operations for their expansion and adjustment, also defining the regulations for the construction of both public and private external lighting systems that insist on their municipal territory. All in compliance with the provisions of the Regional Law on light pollution and energy saving.

Construction Supervision

This activity is carried out both on the national territory and abroad.

Work accounting

Taking advantage of the considerable experience accumulated in the preparation of the prices issued by the Umbria region, the accounting is managed with particular professionalism and knowledge of the sector.

Technical Commissioning

Based on the long experience acquired in this sector and with high quality instrument owned by DRISALDI ASSOCIATI, technical tests of the systems and certifications foreseen by DM 37/08 are carried out.

Technical Administrative tests

This activity is done with professionality based on the long experience acquired with public procurement.

Coordinator for Design and Implementation of the works under DL 494/96 and D.Lgs 81/08.

The compliance with the Regulation is guaranteed based on the qualification obtained since the first years of the law issue.

Procedures to issue the fire prevention certificate

The processes and adjustments that the certification requires, are managed with particular knowledge of the subject, also according to the long experience that Eng. Drisaldi matured as a member of the provincial supervisory commission on public entertainment areas.

Technical expertise

Also in this case, it’s important the long experience acquired in the judicial expertise, required both by courts (civil and criminal) and by third parties.

Technical advice in electrical systems

Over thirty years of profession allow us to provide advice both in the specific electrical field and in the more general field of safety in the workplace.

Electrical risk assessments

They consist in the examination of the company systems and procedures aimed at containing the risks of an electrical nature.

Classifications and ATEX Certifications

They provide the classification of environments with explosion and fire hazards.