Ing. Gianni Drisaldi

Ing. Gianni Drisaldi

Born in Perugia 9th June 1951, Dr. Gianni Drisaldi graduated Electronical Engineering in 1976 at the University of Bologna and he is licensed to practice engineering profession since 1978. After covering a managerial role within a telecommunications company, followed by a period of teaching in the Technical Professional High School, he establishes his own enterprise ‘Studio Ing. Gianni Drisaldi’ and then the DRISALDI ASSOCIATI.

- President of A.I.D.I. Associazione Italiana di Illuminazione from 2009 to 2015

- President of Italian Delegation of CIE Commission Internationale de l’eclairage 2012-2014

- Member of the Technical Commission UNI U29 lighting and other Working Groups

- Counselor of A.I.D.I. Associazione Italiana di Illuminazione from 2009

- Founder and counselor of APIL Associazione Professionisti dell’Illuminazione

- Counselor of the Order of Engineers of Perugia from 1997 to 2009 and from 2017

- Enrollment in the Order of Engineers of Perugia at n. A515

- Enrollment in the Register of Tester in Umbria for classes 06th 06b 06c since 1989

- Qualified for Certifications in accordance with Law 818/84

- Qualified for Testing Certifications under the Law 46/90 and its updates

- Qualified as Coordinator for Design and Implementation of the works under DL 494/96 and D.Lgs 81/08

- Member, as electrical expert, of the Provincial Commission for the supervision of Public Entertainment Building from 1985 to 1997

- Member of the Electrical System Commission on Engineering National Council

- Member, as expert for electrical systems, appointed by the Region of Umbria, for the preparation and updating of Regional Rates since 1989

- Member of the Working Group, appointed by Umbria Region, to define the regulations for implementing of the Regional Law n. 20/05 on light pollution and energy saving

- Collaboration with specialized magazines in electrical and lighting systems

- Teaching for the qualification on Safety Coordinator class (Law 494/96 and D.Lgs 81/08)

- Teaching for lighting designer class